Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Venus' Influence on the Stock Market

Welcome to my first post.

After reading Bradley Cowan's book "Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory" I wondered if I could use it to aid in my stock market trading. I will use this blog to demonstrate Cowan's theory and put it to the test. Maybe it can help you too.

Let's start by looking at Venus' influence on the stock market. Venus and its 36° half-resonance points (as defined by Cowan) appear to be giving strong indicators of turn dates (or trend reversal dates) in the current market. In other words, every time Venus travels 18 degrees around the heliocentric Zodiac (with the Sun in the middle), it seems to cause the Nasdaq to reverse course.

As Cowan explains, the Nasdaq is the preferred index to analyze due to its volatility, best reflecting traders' emotions. I am using Nasdaq futures since they operate after hours, therefore providing a more complete record.

Venus' influence on the Nasdaq

 You can see that the 18° Venus harmonic cycle picked up most of the important recent turn dates. We will investigate other planetary influences in later posts.

The next date to watch for Venus is June 25. Will the Nasdaq reverse course that day?


  1. I am trying to reconcile the Venus 18 degree harmonics with the planet's heliocentric longitude. The longitudes for 3/3, 3/16, 3/26 were 237.20, 257.88, and 273.72. None of them were close to the 18 degree harmonics. Are you using the Venus position with reference to a fixed position? If so, what is your reference position?

  2. 3/3 was a 72° harmonic at 239°, one of the points on the Great Pentagram. The next 2 dates are each 18° from that point. These 3 points are all 18 degree harmonics of the Great Pentagram.

  3. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of Venus' influence - just finished constructing Venus harmonics for the rest of 2011 and 2012. Don't want to take up too much space here, but wanted to say that the rest of 2011 (from where you left off) looked just as good. If the Venus harmonics create the same polarities as earlier this year, I'd expect first quarter 2012 lows on 1/24, 2/27 and 3/20. really appreciate the beautiful charts you've posted - thanks.

  4. Great work buffee thanks! I looked at this briefly a few weeks back and kept meaning to do a more complete study, so this is very helpful. Do you have a graph to show your work that you don't mind sharing? If not that's ok - you've inspired me to get back to work on this!

  5. I don't have a graph but do have all the cit dates for 2011- 2012 - would you like me to list them here?

  6. Sure - that would save me a bit of trouble. Thanks buffee!!

  7. starting where you left off:

    Venus 18 6/14/2011
    Venus 36 6/25/2011
    Venus 18 7/6/2011
    Venus 72 7/17/2011
    Venus 18 7/28/2011
    Venus 36 8/08/2011
    Venus 18 8/20/2011
    Venus 72 8/31/2011
    Venus 18 9/11/2011
    Venus 36 9/22/2011
    Venus 18 10/3/2011
    Venus 72 10/14/2011
    Venus 18 10/26/2011
    Venus 36 11/6/2011
    Venus 18 11/17/2011
    Venus 72 11/29/2011
    Venus 18 12/10/2011 important high?
    Venus 36 12/21/2011 secondary high?
    Venus 18 1/2/2012 minor high?
    Venus 72 1/13/2012 secondary minor high?
    Venus 18 1/24/2012 low?
    Venus 36 2/5/2012 double bottom?
    Venus 18 2/16/2012 high?
    Venus 72 2/27/2012 low?
    Venus 18 3/9/2012 2 tds past secondary high?
    Venus 36 3/20/2012 crash low?
    Venus 18 3/31/2012 secondary low?
    Venus 72 4/11/2012 high?
    Venus 18 4/22/2012 high and quick low?
    Venus 36 5/4/2012 quick low?
    Venus 18 5/15/2012 major low or major high
    Venus 72 5/26/2012 high?
    Venus 18 6/6/2012 low or high
    Venus 36 6/18/2012 low or high
    Venus 18 6/29/2012 secondary high before drop
    Venus 72 7/10/2012 low?
    Venus 18 7/22/2012 important high
    Venus 36 8/2/2012 secondary high?
    Venus 18 8/14/2012 minor high?
    Venus 72 8/25/2012 secondary minor high
    Venus 18 9/5/2012 low
    Venus 36 9/16/2012 double bottom?
    Venus 18 9/27/2012 high
    Venus 72 10/9/2012 low
    Venus 18 10/20/2012 2 tds past secondary high?
    Venus 36 10/31/2012 crash low
    Venus 18 11/11/2012 secondary low
    Venus 72 11/22/2012 high
    Venus 18 12/3/2012 high or quick low?
    Venus 36 12/14/2012 quick low?
    Venus 18 12/25/2012 major low or major high?

    The comments are not predictions - just notes as to what happened during the same Venus transit in 2011.

    1. Hi Buffee, what are the dates in 2015 and 2016?

  8. I very much appreciate your work Platy - thanks again for creating this site.

  9. You're welcome buffee - I'm so happy to finally have someone to collaborate with!

  10. I only found out about this site today, so I'm a bit late with a question...but I'll ask it anyway.

    Yoy wrote (as a response to Anonymous who asked what your reference post was:'3/3 was a 72° harmonic at 239°, one of the points on the Great Pentagram. The next 2 dates are each 18° from that point.'

    But what is your starting point? 3/3 is Helio 72° from what date..? I know Cowan uses important highs and lows as starting date, but what is your starting date in this cycle?

    Kind regards,

    Jan de Git

    1. Hi Jan, the NYSE natal gives the starting points. Please see this post:

  11. Thank you Platy, I will study that one.

    You have a great site. It's the first one that I see with the Bradley Cowan method. Thanks a lot for sharing your work.

  12. 3-15-13 The Ides 'o March and another Venus visit of TGP. ; )

  13. Hi Platy. I am new to Cowan's work and Gann Theory. But I have some brief on them. Market geometry and astrology seems to be their key elements. Could you give me some idea of which Gowan's book to read first to get a start? Thanks

    1. Hi Sonny, the book I am using for this work is Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory. I have not read the other books completely but some of the readers here have said that Four Dimensional Stock Market Structures and Cycles is very important.

    2. Thanks very much for your adivce. I am impressed with your long time work to maintain this blog with so much valuable insight for studying cycle timing for markets. Thanks Platy

  14. Hi Platy and Sonny,

    In case you haven't already, I recommend you to read all of Cowan's works, starting from 4-D, then following with Market Science I and II and later PTCT. It is worth it if you put up the necessary time and effort to study them.

    In my opinion, it is very important to read Four-Dimensional Stock Market Structures and Cycles first.

    They are more than just market timing books.

    Platy, congratulations in keeping up this blog. I have browsed some of your post and you are doing a great job!

    1. Hi Nadiel, thanks several other people have told me the same. I have all the books but I just have so many things I'm looking into I never find the time. Thanks for the nice words. :)