Monday, June 20, 2011

Conjunctions, and the Real Cause of the 2011 Market Crash

We have seen that as more than one planet meets a harmonic cycle point at the same time it adds strength to the market reversal. When the planets meet at the same harmonic cycle point at the same time, the effect is even more powerful. In this case, the planets appear in the same location of the Zodiac, as viewed from the Sun. This is called a conjunction.
Conjunctions are so powerful that they can affect the market even when they occur some distance from the ideal harmonic cycle point, which are fixed locations on the Zodiac. How far away from these fixed points can they be to cause market shifts? I'm not sure, but the larger the planet, the further it can be. It will take some experience to get a better feel for this but I took a stab at it and added it to the case study we have been using.

Planetary Influence on the Nasdaq
Conjunctions are identified in white. I have added Chiron conjunctions since they seem to account for a couple of the turn dates I could not otherwise identify, but I'm not sure whether this was justified, so we will leave these as questionable. There are still a couple of other important turns dates that I have not yet been able to account for, but hopefully with experience these will be identified.

As usual, the planets further from the Sun carry more weight, and in this case the Mars-Jupiter conjunction on May 18 is the one that really counts. The last time this conjunction occurred was March 7, 2009, and this event was identified by Cowan as being responsible for the 2009 stock market low. Cowan further predicted that its return would cause the market to top, as shown on his website. Both the 2009 and 2011 conjunctions occurred near the primary harmonic points, at 72°. Even though the Nasdaq futures actually topped on May 1, it is quite a remarkable prediction, made 2 years in advance.

It should be noted that there was a geocentric (with the Earth in the middle) Mars-Jupiter conjunction on May 1, however, Cowan specifically states that the heliocentric, not the geocentric configuration should be used. So we must not be tempted to attribute the geocentric conjunction to the actual cause of this historic market turn.

Coming soon: The planetary explanation for Martin Armstrong's Economic Confidence Model


  1. Hi. Like your post so far. Are you still looking to write a blog about the planetary explanation for Armstrong's model ?

  2. Yes, I intend to get to that but one day I started working on it and it is a lot of work to explain properly, and there are parts of it that I have not figured out yet. I may put up a simplified explanation just to address this quickly. I also need to introduce a new cycle to the blog, which will help to tell the story. I hope to do that next. Thank you for your interest!

  3. What is the starting reference date (origin) for the Venus points at 18 degree intervals?

  4. The harmonic points are derived from Saturn's position on the NYSE natal chart. See this post: